Acquisition of the Happy at Work Label

Agile MV Certified with the Happy at Work Label

We are proud to announce that we have obtained the Happy@Work 2017 label.

What is it?

An anonymous questionnaire sent to all employees of the company. Through 18 closed questions, the questionnaire analyses the motivation and commitment of its collaborators.
The questionnaire is based on 2 themes:
– Enablement: Having the environment and the necessary resources for success.
– Commitment: Developing the desire to push boundaries for one’s company
Based on the principles of positive psychology, the “Happy” approach links individual aspirations, but also business proposals.


This depends on Agile MV’s genuine intentions to obtain the label to develop its employer and employee brand.
Being happy in one’s professional workplace is a new concept that combines the notions of pleasure, development, and engagement taken to heart.
With “Happy”, all employees were able to discover what is important for them, and to evaluate their contributions across 6 dimensions: Progression – Stimulating Environment – Management – Recognition/Motivation – Pride – Pleasure
It is a “co-construction” approach that accompanies:
– Collaborators in their professional progress towards their skills and goals.
– Companies to motivate their teams and attract new talent.
At Agile MV, the principles that lead us are being:
– Happy in our work
– Motivated, creative and productive
– Professionally mature comes not only from our employees, but from our employers as well. It is a co-responsible approach..

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