We collaborate with clients through all phases of product development, from early prototyping to manufacturing. Our priority is to provide our clients with the most capital-efficient path to market.


We conduct structured brainstorming sessionsto generate potential solutions to unmet medical needs.


We transform concepts into prototypes to explore features, learn about functionalities and gather feedback from end-users.

Design & Development

We bring the design and engineering skills to transform prototypes into well-documented and validated practical solutions.


Being involved early on in projects allows us to evaluate manufacturing options to ensure high-quality and cost-effective end-products.


1. Concept Phase

New product ideas are evaluated with regard to their feasibility. Concepts are developed and tested to assess their ability to meet the requirements.

2. Planning Phase

The project is organized to begin the development of the product.

3. Development and Design Freeze Phase

Concepts are developed and transformed into designs that are then refined iteratively until all the design inputs are met.

4. Design Verification Phase

The product is submitted to extensive design verification testing to objectively demonstrate that the design outputs can satisfy the design inputs.

5. Validation and Pre-Production Phase

Design and processes are validated to get the product ready for commercial production. Limited runs may be performed for clinical studies.

6. Design Transfer to Production Phase

Product design is officially transferred from R&D to commercial production.